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Clevis Pins

Clevis Pins

OHP Fasteners Pvt. Ltd. Clevis Pins are a type of fastener that will allow the rotation or swivel of the connected parts about the axis of the pin linkage. A clevis pin, sometimes referred to as a link pin or hinge pin, consists of a head, shank and cross drilled hole. When using a fastening, such as a clevis pin, the hole which is at the opposite end of the pin to the head is inserted through the items to be linked, and then a cotter pin, R clip or similar retaining fastener is inserted through the hole to fix the clevis pin in place. 


Like a set screw, a clevis pin is often used to prevent two other pieces from moving relative to each other, A clevis pin is less adjustable, in that it can hold two parts in exactly one relative position (because holes must be drilled in both parts) A clevis pin is also more secure, as it is less apt to work loose due to vibration., this is why clevis pins are often found in agricultural machinery. Clevis Pins are currently supplied in imperial and metric sizes to ISO 2341B DIN 1444B, in stainless steel 202,304 ,316 ,MS ,Corbon Steel , Aluminium ,Copper Brass,and bright zinc coated steel. 


Clevis Pins are available to buy online, or for large enquiries please call our sales desk. We maintain large stocks on a vast variety of clevis pins and always welcome pins to drawing too. 


All drawings for these items are available in the Boneham catalogue.


Key Features 

  • Car Braking Systems 
  • Clevis Pin linkages 
  • Chandlery 
  • Sailing Boats 
  • Marine 
  • Towing 
  • Gardening and horticultural Machinery 
  • Agricultural Machinery 
  • Automotive Applications


Sizes Available :

  • Diameter - From 5mm to 90mm
  • Length - From 10mm to 200mm
  • Special sizes available as per customer requirements. 

  • Clevis Pin 01

    Clevis Pin 01
  • Clevis Pin 02

  • Clevis Pin 03

  • Clevis Pin 04