OHP Fasteners Pvt. Ltd. has been to the forefront in the industry by providing premium Industrial Components and Fasteners. We are a Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Precision Turned Components, Pipe Fittings Cable Gland Components, Metal Inserts, Industrial Keys, Metal Plugs, Customized Turned Parts & Industrial Fasteners.
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Metal Circlips

Metal Circlips

Circlips are manufactured under rigid quality control systems. We offer a wide range of Internal Circlips, External Circlips, E type Circlips, C type Circlips, Snap Rings and Bearing Locks.

Available Din : DIN 471, DIN 472, DIN-6799, IS-3075 Type-E

Circlips are widely used in Automobile, Machinery Assembly, Gear Assembly and Electronics :

  • Circlips for Shafts
  • Circlips for Pipes
  • Circlips for Bearings
  • Circlips for Engines

Size Available  :

  • M08 TO M300
  • Special sizes available as per customer requirements

Grades :

  • Stainless Steel, 202, 304, 304L, 309, 310, 316, 316L, 410
  • Spring Steel 42

Range :

  • Ciclips
  • Extenaral Circlips
  • Internal Circlips
  • E-Circlips
  • Ring Circlips
  • As Per Dwg.
  • As Per Sample
  • Dowal Pins
  • Soled Pins
  • Teppar Pins
  • As Per Dwg.
  • As Per Sample

  • Circlip

  • Circlips Internal, External , E Circlips

  • Circlips Internal

  • Circlips Round

  • Circlips

  • S S 316 Circlips

  • S.S.,M.S. Circlips, Wave Washer

  • Spring Steel Circlips