OHP Fasteners Pvt. Ltd. has been to the forefront in the industry by providing premium Industrial Components and Fasteners. We are a Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Precision Turned Components, Pipe Fittings Cable Gland Components, Metal Inserts, Industrial Keys, Metal Plugs, Customized Turned Parts & Industrial Fasteners.
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Metal Inserts

Metal Inserts

OHP Fasteners Pvt. Ltd. We are manufacturing the round knurled inserts, hexagonal inserts and square inserts as per custom design. The inserts are available with diamond, straight or unidirectional Knurling.


We are the leading manufacturer of threaded inserts for plastics Industries, Communication equipments, Automotive Industries, Electrical & Wiring Device Cases etc. We offer a full line of inserts for all methods of installation, including: ultrasonic, heat, thermal, press-in and mold-in. Although we produce various inserts as per custom design & specification, we have standard series of Threaded Inserts such as Straight Hole, Blind (Closed bottom), Collar Inserts, Ultrasonic, Press in, Tri Slotted Inserts etc. Around 3.5 million pieces of variety of inserts are manufactured by us per month to cater the voluminous demand of all our giant OEMS around the globe. Material: Generally Free Machine Grade of equivalent to is used to manufacture various inserts in form of round, Hexagon, Square etc. Other grades which are followed as per customer requirements are Etc.


Any kind of special Insert can be developed and supplied exactly as per customer Drawings, Specification, Design, Samples & Requirement.


molding inserts for injection and roto molding. Molding inserts or molding turned parts are also available as per customer's design and samples


Round Knurled Inserts 

  • Threads as per International Go & Not Go Standards 
  • Deep Groove for maximum Pull Out Resistance 
  • Inner Diameter (I/D) after Threads with very close tolerance to prevent unnecessary flush to enter into the inserts


Knurling Available :

  • Diamond 
  • Straight 
  • Unidirectional 
  • Both blind and through inserts are available with no minimum Qty


Typical Application

Instrumentation, Telecommunications, and other Plastic Cases Assembly.


Key Features


  • In such cases the length of insert is very important for proper closing of moulding die. We maintain length of such inserts within tolerance of -0.05mm. 
  • Thread Size Starts from M1 to M50, BA, BSW, BSPT, and BSF & American Threads like UNC, UNF, UNEF, and NPT are also available as per custom requirements. 
  • Straight, Diamond, opposite diagonal etc. are the knurling options available to give solid gripping to Molding applications. 
  • Inserts with collar series provides Options to use Flange to make Electric Contact 
  • Opposing Diagonal Knurls provide excellent Torque Resistance. 
  • Vertical Undercuts in Tri Series Provides superior Tensile Strength 
  • Blind thread or closed bottom Inserts prevents plastic from entering the bottom of the insert.




  • ISO Metric (MM Threads) 
  • BA Threads 
  • BSW Threads (Inches) 
  • UNC, UNF Threads 
  • Any threads as per custom design


Length / Size :

Begins from M2 or equivalent threads and upto any size as per custom design or requirement


Finish and Coating :

Natural, Nickel Plated, Tin Plated or any coating as per customer specification

  • Conical Single Inserts

  • Diagonal Single Inserts

  • Diamond Knurled Inserts

  • Press In Inserts

  • Symmetrical Inserts

  • Thru Thread Inserts